Alpha-1 Foundation DNA and Tissue Bank

The Alpha-1 Foundation DNA and Tissue Bank, established in 2000 by the Alpha-1 Foundation, is a repository for clinical data and tissue samples for alpha-1-antitrypsin deficient individuals and their families . The bank is funded by a grant from Fundacion Leopoldo Fernandes Pujals as a part of a matching grant initiative with the State of Florida. Tissue is housed at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL under the supervision of  Principal Investigator  Mark Brantly, MD.

The Alpha-1 Foundation has established a Tissue Bank Advisory Committee which includes a wide representation of physicians, ethicists, attorneys, and international experts in tissue banking. Collectively this Advisory Committee reviews requests for research. At this time the Bank has over 2500 members who have provided valuable medical and/or tissue samples.

Investigators interested in obtaining tissue samples with phenotypes from the bank, please fill out or request form.
Donor Information
The bank is not actively soliciting new members. The current focus is furthering research with existing samples. However, individuals referred from the Alpha-1 Coded Testing Trial (AC T) or physician referral may enroll by contacting our research staff.