Jungnam Lee

Jungnam Lee

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About Jungnam Lee

I am very interested in discovering mechanisms by which AATD leads to lung diseases and identifying potential early indicators of the disease or therapeutic target to reduce the burden of AATD-related diseases. I have been working in the field of molecular and cell biology for more than a decade, publishing 29 research articles. During my doctoral study, I worked on genomics, analyzing DNA sequencing data from various species. While I worked as a postdoctoral fellow, I cultured various types of human cells including primary gingival epithelial cells and discovered a possible cellular signaling responsible for pathogenesis of oral cancer. In my current lab, I have been working on monocyte-derived macrophages, examining the effect of AATD on macrophage efferocytosis of apoptotic cells and phagocytosis of bacteria.

Honors & Awards

2007 · Government of the Republic of Korea
2005-2008 · Louisiana State University
2001 · Dankook University
1997-1999 · Dankook University



2008 · Louisiana State University

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(352) 273-8737